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Change Agents Worldwide is eager to serve as a platform to educate and inspire companies around the world to succeed in the 21st Century. If your values align with ours, we will be very happy to partner with you to create content assets you can distribute to your customers and partners. All of our members are seasoned speakers and writers, including several well-respected authors and thought leaders. Additionally, we have the ability to conduct world-class research over a very desirable data set.

Change Agents Worldwide is fiercely vendor-agnostic. All our network members work with different platforms and tools. We want all vendors to succeed in the market that share our values, particularly vendors who play a key role in educating the market on working in a new way. With this approach, we serve as an extension and reinforcement of many brands' messaging.

We can be very flexible with our sponsorship programs, accommodating your budget and timing.

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