The future of work, in practice

"Change Agents Worldwide is a new type of consultancy, which functions as a transparent cooperative. It includes solo change agents (like me) and enterprise change agents who are trying to bring about change in their respective workplaces. This is a network of progressive and passionate professionals, who really want to bring about substantive change in how work gets done." Harold Jarche

"Imagine a company without managers or employees but a ton of leadership. One that has a physical address only because, by law, it needs one while it uses the world as its playground. Where the status quo does not exist. Nor does a hierarchy or a vacation policy. Where teams who work together may have never met, but their collective ideas and expertise melt together to create the most innovative solutions to business’ most vexing problems. We have recruited the best minds in a mere matter of a few months. Their experience is vast. The collective knowledge and wisdom frightening." Kevin Jones

"Without a doubt the smartest, most insightful, on-the-ball group of people I have ever worked with--and by 'working with' I mean 'learning from, and at a distance no less' because most everything any one of them says or writes or does is nourishing to my soul. Together and individually we're all committed to creating a better world, where organizations can have dramatically better outcomes because they value the capabilities of people. We're just getting started, but it's a long time in the making, so many of us working on our own on this for years, dreaming of finding people who we can work on this with together ... because it's time!" Marcia Connor

"CAWW is a think tank with thought leaders and change agents working on their own or in large companies. Our purpose is to change the world of work (modern leadership, new business models in the era of networks). To do that, we follow an organization model that we recommend: no offices, titles, hierarchy, org chart... but a self motivated collective of people gathering around specific projects. We produce services such as executive training, to train corporate executives into social collaboration, connected work and networked organizations." Celine Schillinger

"A collaborative sharing economy model for consulting services (sans the "firm" structure)" Susan Scrupski

"What I missed most about my corporate job is working with really smart people and making a difference in the work we do. With CAWW, I am part of a community of brilliant minds and we get to help individuals and organizations build 21st organizations and leadership. Imagine the possibilities."Ayelet Baron

"CAWW as a platform for change. I think this is a step upward from a network, as this may embrace a whole ecosystem, and I love it."Thierry de Baillon

"Loving being a member of the #CAWW collective. The most talented and passionate group I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of."Stuart McIntyre

"Described as the Airbnb of consulting business, Change Agents Worldwide has become my new home relatively quickly. Because that’s exactly how it feels. My home. A special place where working around the edges is no longer an expectation, but a day to day reality. A special network of independent thinkers and visionaries who are constantly challenging, through working out loud and many other social practices, each other’s ideas, experiences, know-how and in-depth expertise around Social Business and Digital Transformation, amongst several other fields, to help define the future of work through positive, irreversible, unprecedented and inevitable change."Luis Suarez